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Data Privacy

California Passes Strongest Data Privacy Law in the United States

The California data privacy law, which is similar to GDPR, could influence legislation on the state/federal level.

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What’s Happening With GDPR Now That It Can Be Enforced?

What you and your team can expect from GDPR, the EU’s data privacy law, now that it is in effect and can be enforced.

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Data Privacy

Is the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield on the Ropes?

Learn about whether the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield will become obsolete as a result of the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica breach.

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Your Job Just Got Easier

When these consultative services, such as this legislative watch, are combined with MediSpend’s efficient and nimble cloud-based, technology solutions, life sciences organizations can rest easier. The MediSpend products do all the heavy lifting and provide easy-to-use tools that help life sciences organizations track health care professional (HCP) engagements, report to the proper authorities, streamline business processes, and more.

Global Cloud Accessibility

MediSpend’s Transparency Reporting Solution is in the compliance cloud, which is its flagship platform. It allows you to report spend transactions globally to different reporting templates. Because it is in the cloud, it is accessible and easy to update when necessary. The fact that all the information is centralized, organized, and at your fingertips is what makes this compliance solution so appealing.

Accurate and Up To Date

This technology can help you track processes, including HCP engagements, contracts, payments, and reporting. As a result, you can feel more secure about the accuracy of the information. In addition, the system is easily updated and inputting data becomes routine when compliance is a priority.

Unparalleled Security

You decide who gets the keys to the kingdom. Data is secure and can only be accessed by those who have permission. In other words, anyone who should not be sneaking a peek at this vital information will not be able to do so.

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MediSpend is the market’s leading provider of spend tracking and reporting solutions. We promise to change the way you think about compliance. In just 15 minutes, you’ll be able to see how these technology solutions can revolutionize your approach to minimizing risk. See what MediSpend can do for you. Schedule a one-on-one demonstration today.


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