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For pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers of all sizes, it is important to stay on top of the latest regulations. Is your organization prepared for the expansion to CMS Open Payments? Are you aware of the latest changes to other US and global reporting jurisdictions rules and HCP engagement requirements?

MediSpend’s Legislative Watch puts the information you need at your fingertips. Let our experts help keep you informed of important changes.

To learn more, please provide us your information to access the MediSpend webinar "Legislative Watch Update". In this webinar, our experts provide viewers with updates on transparency reporting and HCP engagement regulations in the United States and globally. Highlights include:

US legislation, including:

  • Expansion of CMS Open Payments
    • - CMS COVID-19 Impact Statement
    • - OIG Fraud Alert Regarding Speaker Programs
    • - Maine Gift Ban
    • - Massachusetts Updated Reporting Format
  • Global developments, including:
  • - French Anti-Gift Rules
  • - New Reporting Law in Lithuania
  • - Transposition of National Codes in line with EFPIA
  • - Italian Sunshine Act Status
  • - Updates to global transparency/HCP engagement rules, including New Zealand and the Philippines

...and a sneak peek of the upcoming expansion to MediSpend's Legislative Watch!

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MediSpend helps life sciences companies to comply with the ever evolving health care laws and global data privacy regulations while reducing risk and lowering costs.  If you want to learn more about how our solutions can help you monitor HCP interactions to ensure they are compliant with global regulations, please contact us or call  +1 (888) 731-7322.

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